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In 1956, Sea Pines Resort was developed by Charles Frasier. Now, every year over 2.5 million vacationers come to Hilton Head Island, and over 40,000 people now make Hilton Head their year-round residence. They always ask one ques on; where is the best place to eat?

With over 250 restaurants to choose from, where do you go? How do you know for certain the food is wonderful? Hilton Head Cuisine has recommendations for you from decades of research that we enjoyed tasting for you.

We have lived on Hilton Head Island for over 20 years; we have dined at the restaurants, interviewed locals and vacationers to create the Hilton Head Cuisine Magazine.

The restaurants featured have the Best Food, Best Views and all are the Best Restaurants in Hilton Head and Bluffton. The Chefs have been trained at the best culinary schools in the world or thru decades of perfecting their craft. From quaint bistros with 60 seats to larger restaurants with over 200 seats, the food is so good that reservations are recommended.

Your palate will be satisfied and your desire to return will be tremendous as you savor the food at each of the restaurants. Please visit our website to see menus, book reservations or call the restaurant directly. Go visit them all, we have and know them well enough to say they are the Best Restaurants on Hilton Head Island and in Blu on! We know you will enjoy!

Thank you, Robert Young, Publisher